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About Us

Scrub Maid Services LLC  Beverly Hills CA  and Montreal’s residential cleaning service, offers customized  cleaning solutions tailored to your unique preferences and needs. What sets us apart is the Scrub Maid system, which ensures our clients the superior service of a 5-Star Hotel Style cleaning service.

We have a uniformed staff trained to deliver excellence. Our A-La-Carte services are sure to provide you with your everyday needs. Another reason for choosing Scrub Maid Services,  is because of our commitment to  preserving  your health and our environment by using only  Non-Toxic and Green cleaning products. We maintain the highest quality of cleanliness with Eco & Nontoxic-friendly cleaning standards and methods;  in which Scrub Maid Services, spent two years researching and refining to achieve.

Scrub Maid Services, is for the discerning client who will appreciate the care and consideration we take in providing a “healthy” home, while still retaining the utmost standard of cleanliness. Scrub Maids, takes pride in the “old fashioned” ideal of customer service. We care about the complete satisfaction and well being of you and those you love. We aim to be innovative in products and equipment that stay true to the environmentally responsible principles we regard.

About Your Scrub Maid

The majority of our maids have refined their talent with years of experience in the hospitality industry. Additionally each maid is educated in the Scrub Maid way we don’t cut corners, we clean them. Your Scrub Maid is uniformed, someone you would be proud to have in your home, efficient, and professional. Scrub Maid Services, Inc. trains each employee in customer relations, they are trained  with Non-Toxic products cleaning practices, product handling and safety. Your finely crafted Scrub Maid are trustworthy, hardworking, and consistent.

We understand that it is an act of trust to allow someone into your home that you are not familiar with. We assure you that Scrub Maid Services, Inc. would never assign anyone to clean your home to which we would not entrust in our own. You have peace of mind knowing that your Scrub Maid

are Screened, Bonded, and Supervised. “That’s Priceless”

Natural vs. Green vs. Traditional cleaning products

A considerable number of health problems ranging from severe to minor have been scientifically linked to many chemicals found in conventional cleaning products. Children, the elderly, and pets are even more vulnerable to the threat that these chemicals pose. Green products while not necessarily chemical free are exceedingly better for your health than traditional industrialized products. Natural or Non-toxic cleaners are chemical free Scrub Maids preference, and the ideal choice for a clean home. Natural and green cleaning products significantly reduce the risk to you and your family while maximizing the removal of dirt and germs.

Scrub Maid Service, Inc. uses the latest in vacuum technology. Our vacuums are equipped with the HEPA filtration, which removes 99.7% of household allergens and dust mites, making the air you breathe in your home cleaner. We supply our own equipment and products to clean your home. No bleach or toxic chemicals are used. Natural Non-Toxic  products are completely effective in creating a “clean” home environment without concern. They provide the long-term health and environment effects of traditional cleaning methods. Read more…