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Our Clientele

Our clientele in Los Angeles, Beverly hills, and Montreal Quebec Canada  are the busy professionals that count on us,  that every room is cleaned thoroughly, the kitchen spotless & bathroom sparkling clean. The floor & fixtures shiny and “A natural fresh scent”. Our client’s love our special finish touch! Shhhhh thats a secret…. 🙂

They expect Professionalism, Quality work, attention to Details and Honest housekeepers.  Natural products are their preference for usage,  for  their well-being , children, and their Furry family.

We only use new micro fiber cleaning cloths & new microfiber mop heads in every home . Also in every room we  use different color cleaning cloths Ex: Kitchen Yellow, Bedroom Blue etc…, and disposable gloves.  We don’t cross contaminate .

We never double dip and our vacuums are Hepa-filter and is changed and cleaned from home to home. The only thing we ask for  our client’s to have  is their own  New Bathroom Bowl Scrub it’s better to have your   personal one…We are waiting to get good disposable ones….

What’s also important to our clients is that they  come  home  after a long day of work, just relax and say …………………. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh Scrub Maid Service was here   😆

Our house keepers are Employee’s!  Not sub-contractors , knowing that we are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured  that gives them a peace of mind.

That’s Priceless

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