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A-La-Carte Services

A-La-Carte Services

Imagine you would like to entertain a valued client or special someone at your residence this evening but you haven’t had  time to clean your home since you rushed off to work this morning. An important opportunity missed! Now imagine you had the same situation but you could call a trusted service to rush to your residence and provide cleaning and other “A-La-Carte” services offered. You can now be confident making that date or meeting knowing your residence will be ready when you arrive. A-La-Carte is the kind of service we can offer to our established clients.  Residents that live in Beverly hills Los Angeles ,or Montreal Quebec (These Luxury Condos) Our clients, appreciate this type of service.
Prices available Upon Request. We have our price list for “A La Carte” Services. Please Ask !

Good Evening! Room Service Here:)

Bachelor’s Preference: A Classic Cleaning with a bottle of Tuscany Red Wine ,Cheese & Crackers With Seasonal Fruits Platter . MP

Bachelorette’s Choice: Soft touch up cleaning (Kitchen soft clean and dishes), with a bottle of Pinot-Grigio, Strawberries, grapes, and pear, blue and goat cheese, baguette or assorted crackers. MP

Turn down Service: Night cap(Green Tea), turn down  service, candle and flower left on towel.

Spring Fever: Top-Bottom Detox

Summer Breeze: Soft clean all around & Citrus Fresh scent

Cozy Winter: Light touch clean and floors washed , Organic Mint Tea

Speed Clean: Lightly clean kitchen or bathroom.

Desperate House Wife: Dusting, vacuuming, and dish washing.

High Maintenance: Deep clean, cob web patrol, baseboards washed, shower head disinfected, and high touch areas.

Deluxe Cleaning: Classic plus inside windows, one white wash.

Dolce Vita (Refresh)  Wash linens & white towels, and ironing.

The Spa: Master Bathroom cleaned Fresh Towels folded with white petal (Flower) left on towel.

Classic Clean: Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, and Monthly.

Freshen Up:  Bedroom and bathroom freshen up with fresh towels. 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Emergency Cleaning: 8:00 pm-10:00 pm Need to change the linens because of spill or damage.


Clean refrigerator Inside

Clean oven Inside

Clean Inside Cupboards: Price depends on Size

We work With BG Organizing LLC

They Organize Small Closets & Large Closets any Rooms you need help with Please check their website

  • Personal shopping Coordinator  (coordinate outfit) with Client for special event.  Per hour, worked with celebrities and professionals of all areas.
  • Grocery shopping  client’s choice. Back from a business trip Viola!, fresh food in your Fridge.
  • Laundry Pick-up and Drop-off.
  • Gourmet Dinner for you only in Montreal Canada:

    Wild salmon, mixed vegetables with brown rice M/P
  • Penne Arrabata & Garlic Bread M/P
  • Organic chicken with garlic spinach and kidney beans M/P
  • Special of the month Shepherd’s Pie M/P
  •  California Vege  Salad  M/P   (Please let us know of any Allergies! )
    Just Pop It In The Microwave.
    Desert on the house!  From Mamma Mia