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Beverly Hills and Los Angeles
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Living, Dining & Family Room Areas

  • Clean mirrors
  • Dust furniture—particularly backs/under
  • Clean under couch cushions
  • Dust light fixtures, lamp shades and
  • Dust TVs, Audio Systems & Telephones
  • Shake small rugs and vacuum
  • Dust baseboards, chair rails and vents
  • Sweep & Wash floors
    Remove trash and replace liners
           Home Offices

  • Dust furniture and clean mirrors
  • Wipe baseboards, chair rails, vents & fans
  • Dust light fixtures, lampshades, pictures
    Sweep/ Wash Floor or Vacuum carpets
    Empty trash and replace liners
Kitchen & Laundry Room

  • Clean disinfect,sanitize , counter tops & kitchen appliances,
  •  back splash
  • Clean Microwave inside and out
  • Stove exterior & inside oven window
  • Refrigerator exterior
  • Cabinet exteriors
  • Dishwasher & trash compactor exteriors
  •  Faucet & Chrome fixtures cleaned, polished
  •  Sink, scrubbed, disinfect,sanitize, polished
  • Clean inside window over sink & sills
  • Vacuum, mop & dry floors
  • Wipe baseboards & vents
  • Washer & dryer exteriors
    Empty trash and replace liners

  •   Dust furniture and clean mirrors
  • Make beds
  • Changing bed linens at customers request
  • Wipe baseboards, chair rails, vents & fans
  • Dust light fixtures, lampshades, pictures
    Sweep/ Wash Floor or Vacuum carpets
    Empty trash and replace liners
          Entry & Hallway

  • Dust furniture and clean mirrors
  • Dust light fittings, lampshades & artwork
  • Shake small rugs and vacuum
  • Wipe baseboards and heat vents
    Sweep,Vacuum or  mop and dry floors
All Bathrooms

  • Clean tub/Tile walls,disinfect,sanitize,and showers
  • Clean & disinfect commode inside & out
  • Shower doors cleaned & disinfected
  • Clean sink, disinfected & polish chrome
  • Clean mirror, counter & exterior cabinets
  • Paper holder/towel racks, fold neatly
  • Shake small rugs and vacuum
  • Wipe baseboards & vents
    Vacuum & mop & dry floors
    Empty trash and replace liners

  • Dust furniture and clean mirrors
  • Dust light fittings, lampshades & artwork
  • Shake small rugs and vacuum
  • Wipe baseboards and heat vents
    Sweep,Vacuum or  mop and dry floors
Spring/ Fall Cleans

  • Includes thorough cleaning throughout the
    home,  rotational tasks,
    Dust book shelves & Items
    Inside windows, Deep Cleaning
Monthly/Rotational Tasks

  • Move and clean under light furniture
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Cobweb patrol
  • Dust doors, frames and tops of door
  • Polish kitchen cabinets
  • Clean all blinds (damp or dry clean)
High Touch Areas

  • Clean and disinfect all door knob handles,
    Light switches, and shower heads.
 Mon/ Move Out Cleaning Service
All blinds / Verticals are dusted down. All windowsills are wiped down. All ceiling fans are also dusted. Clean all air vents.Faucet fixtures, sinks.Washing down of all counter top surfaces. Clean out all drawers lower cabinets. Washing the hood, top, and face of the stove, as well as oven / broiler. The top, face and inside of the refrigerator.Microwave oven is also cleaned in / out.

Empty all trash receptacles throughout the unit.


Sanitize and disinfect the entire bathroom.
Clean all air vents.
Wash down all tile in the bathtub/ Shower stall.
Wash down shower fixtures, faucet fixtures, also washing down the tub.
Clean any shower curtains (Both sides) Then slide to the left side.
If there is a glass enclosure it will be washed both inside and out also washing down the frame and bottom portion of the tracking.Washing down the mirror of the medicine cabinet, also on the inside.
Washing down the faucet fixtures and sink, cleaning out the vanity cabinets underneath the sink.
Wash the top, inside, underneath and all around the commode.
Sweep and mop the bathroom floor.Clean all glass surfaces (i.e.) mirrors.
Clean Washer / Dryer (inside / outside).
Bedrooms and Living room.
Wipe down all baseboard’s and or baseboard heaters.
All carpeted areas will be vacuumed.
All hard floor surfaces will be vacuumed and moped.
Carpet shampoo services are also available cleaning.

REMEMBER: We do NOT use Bleach!*Jobs not performed by Scrub Maid Service Inc.
Excessive clutter, moving heavy furniture & appliances or go on ladders

Our housekeepers, go through 2 weeks of intensive training  to our Scrub Maid standards using our finest natural products and  customer service . We send the same cleaning tech to your home each visit (schedule and sick days permitting). All of our cleaning techs make far above minimum wage and they are well worth it! We are grateful to have excellent staff that care about our customers.
All of our products are non-toxic and safe for children, animals and even birds. We specialize in cleaning for people with allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities.
Initial Clean is preferred  for our first time client’s:  So we can maintain your home weekly or as scheduled .
Our experience has taught us that every 2 homes are as unique as the people living there. That is why we only give an Approximate price on the phone, we would like to do a walk through with you so we can see and give you more  accurate price and get to meet  our client’s and their priorities  . Prices varies, depending on size, number of people ,Children, pet’s, clutter etc…Thanks for understanding!
Scrub Maid: Detox (Initial Cleaning)
It would be virtually impossible for your team to “skip” our standard initial cleaning routine and attempt to carry on maintaining your home in a satisfactorily-clean fashion. There’s a big difference between “old dirt” and “new dirt”.
If we don’t  get rid of the old dirt, no matter how hard we try, simply removing the new dirt isn’t going to make things look sparkling fresh and clean.Before we can begin to perform routine weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning to your home, there is a variety of tasks which require extra attention on our first visit.
Our first cleaning visit is more like a spring cleaning or what we like to call Detox. In fact, it’s not uncommon for our Housekeepers take twice as long on a first time cleaning than it takes on a recurring cleaning. While the situation in every home is unique and different as we know.
DETOX service is performed our goal is to provide you with the best in conscious cleaning, building a lasting relationship you can rely on and trust.

All appointments are booked for a minimum of Three (3) hours.

Which frequency is right for me?

Weekly cleans are perfect for those who hate cleaning and want their home to be presentable all of the time. This frequency is ideal for those with multiple pets or/and multiple children.

Bi-weekly: 3 Hours Min
Bi-weekly cleans are by far the most common frequency for many people. This choice is for people who don’t mind doing some light cleaning but want their home to have a deep cleaning every 2 weeks. This frequency works for almost all situations.

Monthly: 3 Hours Min
Monthly cleans are for those who don’t mind light to medium cleaning but want a deep clean every 4 weeks. This frequency is ideal for busy professionals that may not be home very often.

Our staff are Insured and Bonded, you can have a Peace of Mind!

 We Guarantee our work 100% Please call us within 24 hours of your cleaning and provide us with details of what was not cleaned to your expectations. Our  House-Keeper will return to your home and redo the areas of concern at no additional charge. Our goal is to exceed your expectations – the first time around.

Awarded with seal of excellence