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  • Will my Scrub Maid arrive at the same time every clean?
    Our scheduling provides an approximate time your maid will arrive but we cannot guarantee this as they may experience delays due to traffic or have been held up at a previous client. If you have a morning appointment they will arrive within the time scheduled.
  • What do I do with my pets while they are here?
    Although our maids are “pet friendly” some friendly pets like to run away with cloths or dusters, and even get under their feet; So we like if you can have them in a safe place. It’s best for everyone while the maids are cleaning.
  • Do I tip each time and if so, how much?
    It is your prerogative if you tip your maid or not; However, team members are permitted to accept tips should you choose to leave a tip as recognition for exceptional cleaning service. But it’s not necessary
  • Can you change my day/time if I have to be out of town?
    We are always willing to work with you if you need to be out of town on the day of your clean and do not wish the team to come that day. Please give us as much notice as possible (at least 48 hours or Thursday morning for Mondays) if you need to change your schedule.
  • Why do you charge the clean if I do not inform you on time or don’t leave a key?
    We have spent a long time building up a good team of people to clean your home. These girls rely on you, the client, for their income. If you suddenly cancel, or you are not home when they arrive, that is lost revenue to them and to us. The 50% charge goes to the team to cover their time and gas the other 50% goes to the Company Scrub for loss of work.
  • Do I provide my own products for cleaning?
    The Scrub Maids are fully equipped with “Green Non-Toxic Products” cleaning products, Micro Fiber cloths,  Hepa Filter vacuums and mops, etc The only thing you need to have is your Bathroom Bowl Scrub so we don’t cross contaminate . You only need to show your team where to leave the trash. Some clients like to use some of their own products and we are happy to oblige but it must not contain any form of bleach or toxic products.
  • Are you bonded and insured?
    Yes indeed, Scrub Maids believes in everyone’s “Peace of Mind”, we are fully Bonded, Insured, and Licensed .
  • Do I get the same girls each time?
    We will assign a maid to you when we start your service. We endeavor to keep that continuity but occasionally we have to change teams for reasons such as vacations, promotion, they leave, or if you change your schedule.
  • Why will you offer free cleaning for women undergoing cancer treatment?
    It is Scrub Maids way of giving back to the community. Our girls will give one hour free cleans each month to a woman undergoing cancer treatment; Scrub Maids provides the equipment and products to carry out these tasks. It is much appreciated by women who do not have the strength at that time to keep on top of their homes.
  • How do I pay for my cleaning?
    You can pay for your cleaning either by check or cash. If leaving cash or a check (Make check payable to scrub maid service inc.) you pay the Supervisor on the day (or put it in an envelope and leave it on the kitchen counter if not at home) prior to your clean.
  • Do I need to be at home when you come to clean?
    No. Many clients work and they will give the concierge a note that they will have a maid coming. Please let them know the company’s name(Scrub Maid). We will give a business card to your concierge for your peace of mind. It is nice on your first clean to be there and show them over you home, but it is not essential.
  • Do I have to sign a contract with Scrub Maids?
    No, we do not ask you to sign a contract for our service. We do ask you to have respect for your cleaning team; they are professionally trained and you will often go the “extra mile” when treated with courtesy. However, we do ask you not to approach any of your cleaning team to work for you privately. If this does happen, we charge $2500, to $5,000 training fee and  finders’ fee. We work Very hard to find quality professional cleaners, and spend lot’s of money screening them and training them not fair to us when someone solicits our Housekeepers.
  • What service do you provide?
    Quality Service comes first with Scrub Maids, we use the Finest products that are natural and clean well. Each employee will be in uniforms, someone you would be pleased to have in your home. We care about our employees so they care about you. The services we provide are customized to meet your needs. Each customer is unique; therefore we provide a free estimate to determine your specific needs and wants.
  • Can I trust your Staff?
    Yes,our maids are carefully screened (including extensive criminal record checks, random drug test) they Must pass.We pay our staff better than the industry standard in order to attract and retain the best people in the industry – people who treat your home with the care they would show their own.
  • Will all visits cost the same amount?
    The first visit usually costs more than future visits. This is because it typically takes additional cleaning time to get a home up to a standard that can be easily maintained with our regular cleaning visits. A- La- Carte services veries  by the selection you choose.
  • How much will your service cost?
    We price or service based on your unique cleaning requirements, the number of rooms in your home, number of residents and furry friends, and other factors that affect the amount of time it takes to clean your home. Every two homes are never alike.
    During our   in-home consultation , we’ll discuss your cleaning requirements, develop a customized plan, and provide you a price based on your specific needs. If you want an approximately rate by phone please call us and let us know your needs.
  • What if I am unhappy with the cleaning?
    We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If ever you are not completely satisfied with our work, simply let us know within 24 hours and we’ll return to make it right — at no additional charge (With a smile) .
  • Do I need to do anything before your cleaning service arrives?
    To give you the greatest value possible, we ask you to take a few minutes before our visit to put away clothing, toys, and other household or personal items.
    We also ask that valuables, collectibles, heirlooms, and other precious items be put away before our visit to eliminate any potentials for accidents.
  • What if something breaks?
    We treat your home as if it were our own. In the rare event of mishap, Scrub Maid Service Inc. takes responsibility for damage caused by us by either replacing the damaged item or reimbursing you. If appropriate, insurance claims will be filed.
    If there are certain precious items in you home not put away or potential perils (e.g. a picture frame that is loosely hanging from the wall), please be sure to bring it to the attention of your maid service or our office.
  • What is A-La-Carte Services?
  • This service is a Hotel Style “A-LA-Carte menu”, Same service that you would receive if you were staying at “The Four Seasons” or “The Bel-air Hotel or any other 5 Star Hotels. Please ask about it. Bachelors & Bachelorette’s dream.
    In addition to the  usual thought of gaining more time to do the things you want to do. What are
     two other reasons to hire a professional home cleaning company?

  • You should consider hiring a professional house cleaning company because amazingly the

    professionals understand your cleaning needs better than you do! That is a bold
    statement but it is true.
  •  When you have a problem with your car you go the
    service department or an auto repair shop to discover and fix the problem.
  •  When  you are sick you go to the doctor you call or visit these professionals
    because they are the experts.
  •  It is the same  with house cleaning.  House cleaning can be done by anybody to some degree but it has become a science in this day. To get the best possible job a professional home cleaning technician should be hired.
  • Did Scrub Maid Service miss any concerns?
  • If  yes please email your question and we will be glad to respond.